Lucien Fabrice wants to become a trendsetter of luxury products for a large group of people. Our mission is to provide these products for people who want to enjoy the good life.

Traditional craftsmanship and traditions play a major role in the watch industry. At Lucien Fabrice, we cherish the rich history of these mechanical timepieces. True craftsmanship has a price tag, but that shouldn’t mean that there is no room for innovation. We believe that the same quality and luxury can be offered at an affordable price. Lucien Fabrice ensures that you have a beautiful and affordable timepiece on your wrist. A status symbol that enriches your life.

To help stem the flow of plastic into the ocean, we have committed to eliminating single-use plastic from th product range and food outlets by 2023.

Be the most you can be.


With a beautiful product, you know how to inspire people. With a charming attitude, you know how to attract people. Both are core values that Lucien Fabrice stands for, and our customers can associate with.

Nothing more


Lucien Fabrice believes that humility takes you further. Gentleness combined with luxury is the combination that separates Lucien Fabrice from other brands in the world. Lucien Fabrice believes that you can enrich yourself with this attitude towards life. The products of Lucien Fabrice are meant for exactly that: enrichment of life.

Be more of yourself


Ambition hides in all of us. We all have the ambition to be more than we are. We want to grow. We want to grow our possessions and improve the quality of our life. This can only be achieved through true passion. Passion for beautiful things. Passion for quality and the things we love. Without passion, there’s no ambition, and without ambition, there’s no true passion.